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Episode 29. How To Found A Start Up With A Non-Tech Background – Sophia Matveeva

Is it possible to found a tech start up without a tech background? Sophia Matveeva discussed how she did this and much more on Episode 29 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about the following:

Our shared interest in classical literature;

Studying politics at Bristol University and where this interest came from,

Her passion for communication which helped her find a job in PR at Finsbury Glover Herring,

Why marketing and selling skills are vital for a CEO and founder of a business,

Creating Enty, a fashion tech startup, despite not having a tech background,

Learning the tech skills and knowledge to help her lead a tech business,

Pivoting and moving her focus to her Tech For Non-Techies business once the pandemic hit,

The importance of creativity in tech companies,

Navigating the relationship between a Founder and the Chief Technology Officer, and

Cutting through “bro culture” and tech jargon to run a tech business.

Sophia is the founder of Tech For Non-Techies, an education company and consultancy. Sophia has contributed to the Financial Times, The Guardian and Forbes on entrepreneurship and technology, and hosts the top rated Tech for Non-Techies podcast. 
She has also guest lectured at the University of Chicago, London Business School, and Oxford University, and led the Blackstone x Techstars accelerator at the University of Texas at El Paso.
As a non-technical founder, she has co-created apps and algorithms that have been used by thousands, won App of the Day by Mashable, and were featured by Inc, the BBC and more. 
Sophia loves helping entrepreneurs and has advised Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge and Microsoft x London College of Fashion incubator. 
She holds an MBA from Chicago Booth, and a BSc (Hons) in Politics from Bristol. She speaks English, Russian and French. Sophia also sits on the Board of University of Chicago’s Alumni in the UK.

I met Sophia on one of her courses just prior to the first lockdown in the UK as I am trying to design a personal development App.

Sophia told me “When I was doing my MBA at Chicago Booth, I actually remember I wrote in my application essay that my plan was to come up with an idea for a business, get a team and raise some money during my MBA and then leave business school for this company. I mean I didn’t actually expect it to happen, I thought it would be nice if it happened, I didn’t expect it to happen but you know what it did happen! I tested the idea, I had to do a lot of ego busting work to raise money but somehow I did it and essentially the team and I, we came up with an idea for a fashion tech company.”

Resources & People mentioned

The Odyssey

The Iliad

Dorie Clark

Rachel Rodgers


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