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Episode 35. Think Differently: Insights From A Marketer To Help Level Up Your Career – Travis L. Scott

How can marketing insights help build your personal brand, assist your job search and help you stand out? Travis L. Scott and I discussed this, his book Think Differently and much more on Episode 35 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

The importance of resilience and ignoring negative self talk,

How curiosity and the love of learning helped him start podcasting without prior experience,

Reassessing his priorities following the pandemic,

Strategies for overcoming ageism in the job search,

Choosing work which is fun and fulfilling rather than simply based on pay,

How playing sport developed his mental strength, resilience and discipline,

Initially working for the public sector but transitioning into sales and recruitment,

Working as a recruiter for a global tech company and insights for job seekers from a recruiter’s perspective,

Creating content helps to share your knowledge and values,

Using marketing principles to build your personal brand,

Focusing on the process and your own journey rather than comparing yourself to others,

Writing his book on recruitment marketing in six months in an Akimbo workshop, and

Becoming comfortable with “good enough”, perfection is not always required,

Travis is a marketing and sales specialist and the Founder of Rainier Digital which helps companies solve interesting operational problems when it comes to marketing and sales. He also is the host of the Marketing UnBoxed and The Winding Road Podcasts.

After graduating high school, he attended Ball State University, eventually transferring to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana where he graduated with a degree in Environmental Science.

Early in his career, he decided he wanted to learn more about business so he went back to school and obtained an MBA with a focus in marketing from the University of Colorado. Since then, he has worked in sales, recruiting, and eventually marketing spanning a startup in Seattle to Microsoft to a small B2B distributor in Denver.

He realized how similar marketing is to just about everything in life since it’s so deeply rooted in psychology.  That’s when he realized he could help people by teaching basic marketing principles and demonstrating how they can apply to your career.

Travis is also the author of “Think Differently: How Recruitment Marketing Gets You Noticed Over The Noise”.

“Stop comparing yourself to people, just stop, stop doing that period. Everybody had to start somewhere, everybody you’re comparing yourself to was exactly where you were at some point and it doesn’t happen overnight … Even though life is short, I think if you can just kind of say hey it’s going to take time, I’m never going to be a finished product, I’m going to die being an unfinished product and just enjoy the process and the journey.”

People & Resources Mentioned

John Mellencamp

Donald C Baker

Cal Newport – So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Seth Godin

Brannan Sirratt

Dorie Clark

Sam Jacobs


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