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Episode 42. Becoming A Changemaker: Practical Strategies To Lead Positive Change – Alex Budak

Interested in learning more about becoming a changemaker? Alex Budak shared his insights about this, his book “Becoming a Changemaker” and much more on  Episode 42 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Focus on the process and producing good work not the results,

Making change requires strong relationships and teams,

His time at UCLA and cheering on the Bruins,

What is a Changemaker and how do you become one?

Adopting a mindset where you learn from failure and you’re not overcome by it,

How Laila Ohlgren, a telecoms engineer, played a key role in the development of mobile telephony through questioning the status quo and reframing problems,

Having a student mentality where you’re always willing to learn and adapt,

Effective leaders have confidence but also humility to learn from others,

How Alex changed his leadership style to create the right culture in the start up he cofounded,

Microleadership and how there are leadership moments and opportunities every day,

Learning from examples of bad leadership and making a conscious decision to be different,

Good leaders are effective listeners and don’t have preconceptions,

Action is vital for changemaking to be put into effect, and

The concept of “Fire Bullets, Then Cannonballs” developed by Jim Collins, in the context of Steve Jobs and the development of the iPhone.

Alex is a social entrepreneur and a professional faculty member at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where he created and teaches the transformative course, “Becoming a Changemaker.” He recently published a book of the same name, based on the course and his work, which has been well received.

He previously co‐founded StartSomeGood and held leadership positions at Reach for Change and He teaches, speaks, consults, and advises organizations around the world, with the mission of helping people from all walks of life become changemakers.

He’s a graduate of Georgetown University and UCLA and received UCLA’s recent graduate of the year award. He loves spending time with his two favorite changemakers: his wife, Rebecca, and their baby son.

Alex told me “What you’re raising is so important, it’s called the “Failure Paradox” which is when we look at people who we deem successful, we tend to think “wow they’ve succeeded a lot” and that may be true but what the data show is that they’ve also failed a lot that often the people who are most successful have more failures than most people and more successes than most people it’s simply about in American baseball terms the number of bats you can have. How many times can you give it a shot and then success can come if you can learn to fail forward. to learn from your failures”. 


Resources & People Mentioned


Lin-Manuel Miranda

Dr Christian Busch

Aurora Lopez

Laila Ohlgren

Paul Batalden

Julie Adam – Imperfectly Kind

Steve Jobs

Adam Berman

Jocelyn Ling Malan


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