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Episode 44. Strategies To Boost Your Job Search, Career & Master Executive Transitions – Navid Nazemian

Looking to manage the complex world of executive transitions and other insights into job search and career development? Navid Nazemian, the author of Mastering Executive Transitions: The Definitive Guide, and I discussed this, his work and much more on Episode 44 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

How he transitioned from a successful career in sales to working in HR,

Potential job search strategies especially the importance of activating your network and proactivity,

How to stand out as a candidate from an HR perspective,

Reframing Imposter Syndrome and the potential benefits based on work by Professor David Clutterbuck and Adam Grant,

Why executive transitions are difficult and the difficulties that Navid faced when he moved companies,

Managing the politics and cultural adjustments when moving to a new company,

Undertaking appropriate due diligence to see if you are a good fit when contemplating a job move,

How a career coach is able to help to formulate a strategy for a new role,

How to create an open environment as a leader, and

How to prepare yourself for moving to a new employer.

Navid is the author of the international best selling book Mastering Executive Transitions: The Definitive Guide and an Executive Transition Coach, who helps senior leaders transition successfully into new roles by de-risking and accelerating their transition into the C-suite.

He has combined working in management roles, in Vodafone, Roche and Adidas with coaching executives from ABB, BP, CCLA, Coca Cola, ColgatePalmolive, KPMG, Pearson, Shell, Sonova, Vodafone, and several successful high growth start-ups such as Alibaba, digikala, Snapp!Group, and more.

He is an ICF accredited coach which took him on a three year journey across three continents in Europe, Africa and America.

Working with 100+ C-level coaching clients worldwide, Navid distills key insights, guidance and coaching for maximizing leadership impact in this book. Using strategies designed to avoid and overcome obstacles quickly, he has helped numerous c-suite coaching clients to successfully eliminate unproductive actions and solve their toughest, most complex transition challenges.

Navid told me: “If you have self-doubt, it makes us work harder and avoid complacency … it makes us work smarter by prompting us to rethink our strategy, the self-doubt that is ongoing really makes us work smarter because we do not want to be perceived like that … it also makes us better learners … because we will seek support and ideas from other people, we always want to do a good job and therefore we don’t want to leave it at chance.”


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Professor David Clutterbuck

Adam Grant – Think Again

Rudi Kindts


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