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Episode 7. Luck = Talent + Opportunity! – Lindsey Stewart

Lindsey Stewart is an investor engagement expert who works for KPMG’s UK audit practice. He has a 20-year career in financial services and holds the CFA and CIMA qualifications in financial analysis and management accounting. An avid communicator, Lindsey has authored many articles and publications on a variety of topics: from technical accounting, to audit and corporate governance, to soft skills, to inclusion and diversity. As a senior Black finance professional from a working class background, he is keen to explore ways to remove barriers – whether societal or psychological – that prevent talented individuals from less privileged groups from reaching their full potential.

I first met Lindsey two years ago when he joined the CFA UK Soft Skills Working Group for whom I had been volunteering for a year. I quickly found that Lindsey had a passion for building on his already considerable knowledge in this area as well as a wide range of interests outside work, which I shared like music, sport and comedy, including Chris Rock!

We quickly became friends and during lockdown last year, Lindsey reached a 20 year milestone in his career and I offered to interview him for a podcast to mark the landmark. The first effort was not bad but we realised that we were capable of better so we recorded again and released the podcast, which generated some positive feedback.

Up to that point, I had not considered podcasting so Lindsey’s interview played a pivotal role in the my starting to consider a podcast. Initially I wanted to host it with Lindsey, unfortunately, he was too busy so I talked myself into starting it myself. Now here we are less than a year later and I have the pleasure of interviewing Lindsey. We had a great conversation talking about the following:

Becoming Resilient and Learning From Setbacks

How Lindsey Gained His Big Break into Finance

The Value of Gaining Professional Qualifications

The Significance of Soft Skills In Your Career

Why Emotional Intelligence is Important for Leaders

Potential Strategies for Job Seekers and 

Building Relationships Rather than Networking


Resources & People mentioned

Mindset – Dr Carol S. Dweck

Influence – Dr Robert B. Cialdini

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

Lindsey’s CFA UK article –

Lindsey’s Medium article –

Brené Brown

Dr Sarah Lewis


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