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Episode 70. Three Year Anniversary Special – Talking Job Search, Careers & Insights From The Podcast – Aoife O’Brien & Harsha Boralessa

The Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast is now three years old, a huge thank you to the amazing listeners and guests for their support. I have learnt so much from the guests and wanted to share some of the insights and lessons that I have picked up from them and share some of my journey for those new to the show. To help me celebrate this milestone, I invited my good friend Aoife O’Brien, the host of the Happier at Work® podcast to interview me on Episode 70 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Expanding your comfort zone and being open to new possibilities,

Being honest about your strengths and trying to finding roles which align with them,

Opportunities are more available than you realise,

Taking ownership and control of your career management,

How learning Japanese in evening classes whilst working, indirectly helped me to move departments,

The value of updating your CV in real time,

How stories which highlight your strengths can help you stand out in an interview,

How my interest in neuroscience arose from looking at techniques to enhance decision making,

How the skills that I learnt from playing top level sport, helped my career development,

There are many different paths to success and not letting setbacks hinder your progress,

Focus on your own journey and don’t compare yourself to others and

Regularly checking your progress to see if it’s in line with expectations and that you’re heading towards the goal you want.

Aoife O’Brien is the founder of Happier at Work, a business with the mission to eliminate toxic working environments for good. She is passionate about ‘fit’ and especially how creating the right environment can help organisations increase their bottom line while supporting individuals to reach their full potential at work. She is a self-professed data nerd, with a 20+ year career in market research in the fast-moving consumer goods industry working with clients like Coca Cola, Unilever and Heinz to solve marketing problems using data analytics.

She works with business leaders and employees to focus on: workplace culture; cultivating balance; and empowering leaders. Aoife has been featured by several national media platforms and public speaking events talking about imposter syndrome, fit, employee engagement, productivity, and remote working.

Her two-time award runner-up podcast, Happier at Work®, features a combination of interview-based episodes as well as solo podcasting, and has a global audience of over 100k. She has lived and worked in Dublin, London, Perth, and Sydney and has a MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour, a Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching and a Certificate in Career Coaching. 

People & Resources Mentioned

Professor Thomas Curran

Jeff Gothelf

Alicia Ramsdell

Professor Vanessa Patrick

Adam Grant

Dr Robert Cialdini – Influence

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