By Harsha Boralessa

Finding Your Path – Creating a Conscious and Fulfilling Career

Looking to examine your career path and gain insights into looking for a new job or strategies to help you secure that next big promotion. My good friend Emilie West and I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Thrive Global in this article. We also discussed this in a Bonus Episode of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast, the full podcast interview is in the podcast section.

It was a fun discussion and we talked about the following:

Why it’s important to examine your career path and be strategic,

Does it take a particular mindset to achieve a fulfilling career?

Why adaptability and the ability to become comfortable with change are increasingly more important,

How important is passion when people are looking at which career path to take,

How careers are increasingly non linear and there are many different paths to success,

Strategies for finding a new job and changing career paths,

The role of personal branding and marketing in your career,

Ways to stay on track and monitor your career development and

Overcoming “perfectionism” and sometimes “good enough” is all that you need.

Emile is a good friend of Reframe & Reset Your Career and has appeared on Episode 9 and the Bonus Episode. She is is passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their goals through transformational change and draws on her extensive experience working in investment banking and personal development to achieve this. She was also awarded Career Coach of the Year 2022 from SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards.

She offers coaching, business consulting and professional speaking services across a range of areas including leadership, brand and image, wellbeing and emotional intelligence.

She has 14 years Investment Banking experience most recently heading up the Leadership Development programme for RBS Corporate & Institutional Banking, transforming leadership and wellbeing for 1000+ staff. She was also Head of Personal Development for the RBS Women’s network.

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