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Bonus Episode. Finding Your Path: Creating A Conscious And Fulfilling Career – Emilie West & Harsha Boralessa

Looking for insights to help you find that new job or assist your career progression? My good friend, Emile West, who previously appeared on Episode 9, and I discussed this on this bonus episode of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast. This episode is based on an interview that we did on careers for Thrive Global, the link to the article is in the show notes. We discuss creating a conscious and fulfilling career and potential strategies for developing in your current role or looking for new opportunities. At the time of recording, the plan was to release only the video but we thought that it might be helpful to release the audio for podcast listeners, given the current difficulties in the job market.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Why it’s important to examine your career path and be strategic,

Does it take a particular mindset to achieve a fulfilling career?

Why adaptability and the ability to become comfortable with change are increasingly more important,

How important is passion when people are looking at which career path to take,

How careers are increasingly non linear and there are many different paths to success,

Strategies for finding a new job and changing career paths,

The role of personal branding and marketing in your career,

Ways to stay on track and monitor your career development and

Overcoming “perfectionism” and sometimes “good enough” is all that you need.

Emilie is passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their goals through transformational change and draws on her extensive experience working in investment banking and personal development to achieve this. She was also recently awarded Career Coach of the Year 2022 from SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards.

She offers coaching, business consulting and professional speaking services across a range of areas including leadership, brand and image, wellbeing and emotional intelligence.

She has 14 years Investment Banking experience most recently heading up the Leadership Development programme for RBS Corporate & Institutional Banking, transforming leadership and wellbeing for 1000+ staff. She was also Head of Personal Development for the RBS Women’s network.

As a nutritional therapist she specialises in stress management and works with companies to setup educational and engaging wellbeing programmes that will make a tangible difference to individuals health and resilience through practical and easy to make changes.

As well as providing mentorship for young professionals, she also supports the charities Action for Children and the HER Centre.

Emile told me: “You don’t know what your perfect job is, I don’t know what my perfect job is, so go exploring. It’s like buying houses you have to look at a lot of houses and then one day you go in one and you go “I love this house and the price is right”. It’s the same with jobs, really explore as much as possible because then one day you’ll have the interview or have a contact with someone and you’ll just suddenly be “oh okay this feels like a really good fit for me”.


People & Resources Mentioned

Susan Jeffers – Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Dr Carol Dweck – Mindset

Dr Robert Cialdini – Influence

Dorie Clark – The Long Game 

Dr Christian Busch – The Serendipity Mindset

Dr Gabija Toleikyte – Why the F*ck Can’t I Change?

Dr Grace Lordan – Think Big

Thrive Global Article:


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Thank you for your continued support of Reframe & Reset Your Career, I do appreciate it. The next episode with Sophie Wade, who is an authority on Future of Work issues and author of Empathy Works, will be released on Weds 4th January. Sophie and I had such a fun conversation talking about her career, the new world of work and even touching on our mutual love of The Princess Bride!

It would be great to hear from you, the listeners, and your thoughts about the podcast, YouTube channel or anything else, it’s always a pleasure to hear your views. I have had some great reviews but not had any way of responding. Thanks again for your support and wishing you the best for the holidays and a happy 2023!


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