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Episode 46. Empathy & Navigating The New World Of Work – Sophie Wade

Why is and why will empathy be so important in the work place moving forward? Sophie Wade, the author of Empathy Works, and I discussed this and much more on Episode 46 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Appreciating different cultural perspectives by living in multiple countries,

How she started working in media and technology.

How creating content like a podcast and articles can help build your brand and network, which is especially helpful for introverts,

The value of an MBA and if she would pursue one now,

Why it’s important to be self aware and build on your strengths,

Think of yourself as a start up and understand what is your USP,

Why empathy is so important at work and how managers and their staff should have empathy for each other,

Why it’s so valuable for leaders to listen to their team and get contribution from all levels,

Customer and audience feedback is vital for enhancing and developing products and services,

Uncertainty is challenging but also gives countless opportunities, and

The increasingly non linear nature of careers and why it’s crucial to take ownership of you career development.

Sophie Wade is a work futurist, international keynote speaker, author, and authority on Future-of-Work issues. She is the host of the widely popular Transforming Work podcast and 450,000 learners have taken her four LinkedIn courses which cover Future-of-Work skills, empathy, and Gen Z. Sophie is the Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network, a Future-of-Work consultancy. Sophie’s executive advisory work and transformative workshops help companies futureproof their work environments and attract, engage, and retain their multigenerational and distributed talent. She helps corporations maximize the benefits and minimize the disruption in their transition to talent-focused new work environments.

Sophie has held senior management, strategy and finance roles around the world—in Asia, Europe and the U.S.—working in media, technology, and venture capital for companies such as IMG and Yahoo. With a strategy and finance focus for her first career, she assisted entrepreneurs and major corporations identify, develop, and execute strategic initiatives, build teams and ventures and create partnerships.

Her first book, Embracing Progress: Next Steps for the Future of Work, has been an Executive MBA Program textbook and required reading for several management school leadership courses and her new book is Empathy Works, which is a great read. Sophie served on the Board of the New York City chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) as chapter President 2015-17, and a member of NAWBO National’s Presidents’ Assembly Steering Committee 2016-19. She is on the NY Advisory Board of Common Sense Media. Sophie has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from international business school, INSEAD.

Sophie told me: “Think about yourself as a business, what’s your USP, what’s your unique selling proposition and you may not know it now and that’s okay because it’s something that evolves and you can certainly ask people around you in work or your friends … but if you understand yourself as a little business, it’s part of a helpful journey to understand what’s unique about yourself and how to put yourself forward because I think we do have to be much more self-aware”.


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