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Episode 18. Decoding Promotion: What It Really Takes To Advance – Amii Barnard-Bahn

Interested in learning more about the complexities of being promoted at work and potential strategies to help you land that next promotion? Amii Barnard-Bahn, who created the Promotability Index® (PI) framework and self-assessment and is the author of The PI Guidebook, talked about this, her career and much more on Episode 18 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Her early career as a lawyer and her move to a corporate role;

Developing your network by following your interests;

Being self-reliant, strategic and taking ownership of your career development;

Creating the Promotability Index® (PI) framework and self-assessment and writing the companion The PI Guidebook;

Obtaining regular and relevant feedback from your manager;

Working identity and being defined by your job;

Rebounding from redundancy;

Potential strategies for finding work;

Having a positive attitude when looking for work; and

Even if there are no promotion opportunities at work, keep learning and improving to build your skill set and enhance the value that you can bring.

Amii is a former Fortune Global 50 executive and is a consultant to the C-Suite and leaders at global companies like Bank of the West, Adobe and The Gap.

Recognized by Forbes as one of the top coaches for legal and compliance executives, she is a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches.

Amii guest lectures at Stanford and UC Berkeley, is a contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Compliance Week, and is a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Coaching.

Amii earned her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and her BA from Tufts. A lifelong diversity advocate, Amii testified for the successful passage of first laws in the U.S. requiring corporate boards to include women.

Amii talked with me about the importance of taking ownership of your career development and being self-reliant, she said: “There’s no question I believe in radical self-reliance and because no one’s looking out for your career, for you. You may be lucky to have a mentor or a sponsor that’s fabulous but I can tell you it doesn’t last forever … and you really have to rely on yourself and you have to ask the right questions and you have to be really aligned with your team and be thinking okay what’s the next thing I need to be doing to be five years ahead of the curve to be a valued non-expendable resource”.


People & Resources Mentioned

Peter Drucker

Woking Identity – Herminia Ibarra

Amii’s HBR article –

Promotability Index® (PI) self-assessment –


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