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Episode 19. The Art Of Self-Transformation – Steven D’Souza

Looking for ideas and inspiring stories to help you on your journey of self-transformation? Steven D’Souza talked with me about this, his career and much more on Episode 19 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Valuing our own story and achievements;

Healthy Ego;

The Illusion of Control;

Viewing uncertainty as a place of opportunity;

Making small experiments;

Enjoying the journey;

Reaching “the edge” and dealing with it;

Moving between entrepreneurship and corporate life;

His new book “Not Being”;

Transitions such as changing jobs or relationships taking time;

His relationship to time: Chronos versus Kairos;

Finding people to bounce ideas off about your life and career;

Not being solely validated by your work; and

Momento mori – reflecting on the bigger picture.

Steven is an educator, consultant and the author of four best-selling books. His new book “Not Being – The Art of Self-Transformation” was published recently. “Not Being” completes a trilogy of books which started with “Not Knowing” and was followed by “Not Doing”.

Previously he ran his own company, Deeper Learning Ltd, a global executive education consultancy. He was also an Associate Professor of IE Business School, an Associate Fellow of Said Business School at the University of Oxford, and Leadership Consulting and Coaching for INSEAD.

His clients have ranged from individuals and small charities to some of the world’s top business schools and global companies, including Accenture, Barclays, BT and Goldman Sachs.

He has also been recognised by on their ‘Radar’​ and ‘Thinker of the Month’ for August 2015, which is dedicated to the leading management thinkers globally. And was placed on their RADAR list dedicated to the new generation of thinkers most likely to challenge management practice. HR Magazine named him one of the top 30 ‘Most Influential’ thinkers in HR globally.

Steven D’Souza talked with me about the illusion of control and said: “Just take an example from the book “Not Knowing”, we talked about the “Thinking Fast And Slow” work by Daniel Kahneman and he talks about over 100 unconscious biases from primacy bias, recency, confirmation bias etc. He says if you think you have reasons for your beliefs you’re probably mistaken and an example from chess … to be a grandmaster generally you have very high cognitive abilities … and they can think roughly around 15 moves ahead. That’s a lot of moves ahead to hold in in your mind but they play in a game with fixed and predictable rules. Whereas we’re operating in a world now where people are acting rationally and irrationally, predictably and unpredictably, so it’s impossible that one person can have all the answers or know.”  


Resources & People Mentioned

The Road To Character – David Brooks


Antonio Machado

St Augustine

The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho

Thinking Fast And Slow – Daniel Kahneman


Think Again – Adam Grant

Maria Rilke

Bruce Lee

Life Is In The Transitions – Bruce Feiler

Let Your Life Speak – Parker Palmer

Wisdom At Work – Chip Conley

The Sunny Nihilist – Wendy Syfert

The Serendipity Mindset – Christian Busch


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