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Episode 22. Demystifying The Path To Success In Investing & Finance – Chris Bailey

Looking for ideas about how to build a successful career in the world of Investing & Finance? My good friend, Chris Bailey shared with me how he managed to get his big break into the investment industry and built a career managing billions of dollars of funds in Episode 22 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

How he became interested in investing through breakfast TV,

The need for continuous learning in your career;

The role psychology plays in investing;

The danger of group think;

Learning from your mistakes;

Accepting failure and moving on;

How he got his first break into the investment industry;

Developing an enquiring mind and interest in investing to help your job search;

Insights from working for a hedge fund;

Dealing with pressure;

Leaving a successful career to start his own venture; and

Recovering from a serious illness.

Chris is the founder of Financial Orbit, a research and investment consulting firm. He has 25 years of investment industry experience at long-only and long-short institutions as a global multi-asset fund manager, strategist/macro thinker and, in the earlier part of his career, as a securities and fund analyst.

He strongly believes in the importance of the fusion of top-down and bottom-up analysis taking a view that an understanding of both aspects is the only way to get a full view of global opportunities.

Prior to Financial Orbit Limited, Chris worked for a London based fund management group and headed the team for a range of globally directly invested mutual funds, personally running the Growth, Balanced and Conservative funds (collectively around US$2bn of assets) all of which were either first or second quartile against their respective peer groups from inception in 2010 to the end of 2012. In the four years prior to this, for the same fund management company, he managed global thematic equity and European equity funds that also outperformed their benchmarks.

“I wanted to work for an investment company … one of the regulators had a list of investment companies listed A to Z, so I had a very simple strategy. I started off with the ones starting with an A and wrote them all a letter … none of the initial As replied and I was just about to start on the Bs but I got a letter from a company beginning Ar and they said “we’re interested, come and have a chat with us” and that was purely good luck”.


Resources & People Mentioned

One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

Warren Buffett

Charlie Munger


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