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Episode 23. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs To Reshape Your Future – Deborah Reuben

Limiting beliefs impact many of us but there are strategies that can potentially help manage them. Deborah “Deb” Reuben and I discussed this, becoming comfortable with fear, how her business adapted to life after COVID and much more on Episode 23 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Overcoming limiting beliefs;

The value of building and maintaining strong relationships;

Being more curious to develop your life and career;

Moving outside your comfort zone;

Transitioning from gymnastics to the business world after an injury;

How she developed an interest in technology through the encouragement of her boss;

The lessons and mindset that she learned from gymnastics;

Becoming comfortable with fear, uncertainty and not knowing;

Gaining inspiration and knowledge from people outside her company to develop her career;

Continually evolving through your career;

Networking in the virtual world;

Looking into the future and adapting to not becoming obsolete;

“The Stockdale Paradox”;

Developing TomorrowZone and adapting to life post COVID; and

Potential strategies for job search and career development.

Deborah “Deb” Reuben is the CEO and Founder of TomorrowZone, a technology strategy consultancy inspiring fresh ideas and collaborations to shape the future of business. She encourages new thinking to explore the art of the possible through her extensive technical knowledge, equipment finance experience, and passion for challenging the status quo.  

 Her view on digital transformation and future readiness is radically different with over two decades of innovating, speaking, and most importantly, real-life innovation experience in finance and software industries. Deborah appreciates and shares with clients and audiences that digital transformation is less about the digital and more about the people.

Deb’s clients and audiences include companies like PNC, Wells Fargo, Dell, Mitsubishi UFG, and Caterpillar.

 A member of ELFA’s Board of Directors, Deb chairs the ELFA’s Technology Innovation Working Group, serves on the Monitor Editorial Board and co-founded the Disrupted+ conference series with Monitor.

Monitor Magazine honored her as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women Leaders in Equipment Finance and, in 2021, named TomorrowZone one of the most innovative companies in the equipment finance ecosystem.

Deb spoke with me about becoming comfortable with fear and how this was developed through competing nationally in gymnastics in the US and said “You’re building physical muscles but also … building mental muscles and facing fear, getting used to continually facing fear and discomfort and knowing that as you’re going through the learning process when you’re trying something new, you’re going to suck at it at first and you have to be okay with that if you’re ever going to become awesome at anything. The ability to stick with it, the ability to try new things and a little bit of risk taking, I think a lot of that I got from my experience in gymnastics.” 


People and Resources mentioned

William H Murray

Jim Collins – Good To Great

Admiral James Stockdale

Professor Vincent Walsh

Craig Dahl


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