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Episode 24. Reframing Setbacks To Succeed On And Off The Pitch – Jamie Cox


Looking for insights inti how a top level professional athlete deals with pressure and failure both in sport and life? Jamie Cox, a former professional cricketer, discussed this with me, his career and much more on Episode 24 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this we will learn the following:

His interest in cricket and sport in general from an early stage;

Learning to manage failure and adversity in cricket;

Not dwelling too long if you’re stuck and taking action;

How the concept of “The Stockdale Paradox” has been helpful;

The importance of focus;

Dealing with pressure and clarity of thought;

How he overcame the loss of his consulting work during COVID;

Be present but set future goals and work towards them;

Taking ownership of your career development;

Looking forward and not dwelling when he encountered adversity;

The skills that he picked up from sport which helped his career after cricket; and

Being polite and treating people well no matter their position.


Jamie was a successful professional cricketer, enjoying an 18-year career in first-class cricket in both England and Australia, representing Somerset and Tasmania. He scored in excess of 18,500 first-class runs, as well as almost 6,000 in List A matches.

After his cricketing career, Jamie moved into sports administration and completed a Law degree with the Open University.

He has subsequently gone on to hold senior roles across a number of organisations including the Australian Institute of Sport, Cricket Australia, the South Australia Cricket Association, St Kilda Football Club and Cricket Tasmania.

Jamie is currently the Assistant Secretary, Cricket and Operations, at the Marylebone Cricket Club (“MCC”), where he looks after all the cricket departments of the MCC, including the delivery of the Out-Match programme, which sees the Club play around 500 fixtures each year, and the important overseas touring schedule. He is also responsible for delivery of the World Cricket committee.

Jamie told me “You’ve got to move forward, you’ve got to make sure that wherever you are each day, you’re somewhere in front of where you were yesterday and if you take that simple approach other stuff works because you’re always going to be dealing with something in your life that’s not perfect”.


People & Resources mentioned

Sir Donald Bradman

Good To Great – Jim Collins

Admiral James Stockdale


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