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Episode 38. Exploring Confidence, Intuition And Other Insights From A Performance Psychologist – Paul Berry

Looking for insights on confidence, intuition and decision making? Paul Berry, a performance psychologist, discussed this and much more with me on Episode 38 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn the following:

His interest in the psychology of performance,

Why Paul started working in Finance,

Managing stress in the financial markets and at work,

The importance of developing your network,

Reflection v Reflexivity,

Confidence and potential strategies for developing it,

Overcoming self doubt,

Managing nerves and being confident in a job interview scenario,

Intuition in decision making, and

“Kind v Wicked” environments in the context of intuition.

With a background in the field of performance psychology, Paul works with C-suite leaders, and those transitioning into leadership roles, to enhance various aspects related to organisational and individual performance.

Paul specialises in Developmental Coaching, which seeks to better understand how leaders construct their worldviews, and how this influences their approach to leadership, working relationships and decision-making. His coaching aims to enhance client critical thinking and achieve shifts in perspective.

As an experienced group facilitator, Paul works with several business psychology consultancies in the UK, delivering on large leadership development programmes. He also has an interest in developing coach expertise and has published academic work in this area.

Paul was previously a professional for nearly 15 years in the investment banking industry. He worked as an equity and credit derivatives trader for a global banking group, managing large risk positions.

Paul has numerous coaching and finance qualifications, including a masters in coaching and mentoring practice from Oxford Brookes University, a masters in Performance Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and a masters in Investment Analysis and a BA in Economics both from the University of Stirling.

Paul told me “So there’s a lot of pressure in change, in trying to engineer how we feel or how we think, thoughts just come into our heads randomly, who knows why we think certain things. We can respond to the thoughts but that’s effortful, takes energy. So there’s an alternative conceptualization which is that confidence doesn’t have to be about how you feel or feeling good or having positive thoughts, confidence is more about an action and the action is driven by your values”.


Resources & People Mentioned

An Astronaut’s Guide To Life – Chris Hadfield

Sylvie Guillem

Daniel Kahnemann

Gary Klein

Tatiana Bachkirova


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