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Episode 39. Taking Small Steps To Build A Thriving Creative Business – Fei Wu

Looking for ideas about building a successful business and taking the risk to leave a good career? Fei Wu and I discussed this and much more me on Episode 39 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

The importance of the mental game to high performance,

Moving to the US as a teenager, adapting to life in an unfamiliar country and playing on the ice hockey team with and against boys,

How embracing constraints rather than fighting them sparks creativity,

Good feedback helps shape career development and the focus of content creation,

Following her strengths to become a project manager early in her career,

Taking small steps to build her podcast which gave her the confidence to leave corporate life,

Why it’s important to enjoy the content creation process rather than solely focusing on the results,

Interviewing Steve Wozniak and Mark Cuban,

Having a vision and goal for your life and career but being open to this changing over time as you grow,

The leadership lessons that she picked up from building her team, especially listening, and

Don’t overthink content creation, just start a blog or record a video, it does not have to be perfect!

Fei helps small business owners craft video content to showcase their products and services, and to grow their customer base with YouTube strategies designed to meet their business needs.

She is a bilingual podcaster (English and Mandarin Chinese), the creator of Feisworld Media (a monetized YouTube channel with 17K subscribers and 50K+ views per month), Feisworld Podcast / 菲的世界播客 (with over 200K downloads worldwide) and Feisworld Documentary Series on Amazon Prime.

She left her job in marketing and advertising to build a company of her own called Feisworld LLC, with a mission to help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs tell better stories, find more customers and create new revenue streams.

She also teaches others how to run better Zoom Meetings and Webinars, own and monetize their content on YouTube via Feisworld Academy.

Her stories have been featured by Dorie Clark in her best-selling book called “Entrepreneurial You”, as well as Harvard Business Review.

Fei was born in Beijing, China and moved to Maine, USA for high school as a teenager and graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Fei has a 3rd-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and worked as a DJ for the China National Radio Station (CNR) at the age of 16.

Fei told me: “It’s also about not only allowing yourself to make mistakes but allowing other people to make mistakes, how do you acknowledge, address them? … Leadership to me is not just about talking, setting new rules, having these heartfelt conversations, … you actually have to build something that actually helps the team and you have to listen to them. If the team says that no we don’t need a complicated process, … let’s co-create something that people actually use and find it helpful … when that system breaks down a bit, start another conversation again. … so you have to be very iterative, respectful, be a good listener and act accordingly.”


Resources & People Mentioned

The Atherton Twins (Cirque du Soleil Aerialists)

Seth Godin

Dr Christian Busch

Dr Gabija Toleikyte

Dr Grace Lordan – Think Big

Steve Wozniak

Mark Cuban

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Dorie Clark


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