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Episode 40. Leading Inclusion: Drive Change Your Employees Can See And Feel – Dr Gena Cox

Looking for insights into developing your leadership skills and ideas for managing and optimising the talent in increasingly diverse teams? Dr Gena Cox and I discussed this, her new book Leading Inclusion and much more on Episode 40 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

Being taught by Arthur Ashe, the legendary US tennis player, at college,

How her father gave her book on psychology when she was young which inspired her interest in this area,

The huge influence of her grandparents on her life despite not having formal academic credentials,

The events which inspired her to write Leading Inclusion and to eventually leave corporate life,

The distinction between diversity and inclusion and the important role that leaders play,

The components which make an effective leader,

Having a back up plan if things are not working out in your current situation,

Updating your CV regularly as it is easy to forget/ overlook your achievements,

Starting a side project like a podcast or YouTube channel can enhance your career,

How to prepare for and manage difficult conversations at work, and

Creating a culture of safety, where your team are happy to provide feedback.

Dr Gena Cox is an organizational psychologist, executive coach, and author of the new book Leading Inclusion, a groundbreaking guidebook for corporate leaders who want to build inclusive organizations from the top down.

Gena has spent more than 25 years helping leaders in the Fortune 500 and other large global companies build healthy and engaging organizational cultures.

Gena is a straight shooter who brings warmth and generosity of spirit to her partnerships. A noted voice on human-centered leadership, Gena shows executives how to stop using 2019 behavior to address 2022 workplace challenges. Gena was born in England, raised in Barbados, lives in the United States and would like to holiday in Scandinavia!

Gena told me “You have to remember that leadership has two components to it or at least two … you’re helping people to get a job done that’s what a leader does, it’s not like you’re pushing them to get the job done or telling them to get the job done the leader’s job is to help people get a job done so there’s the task part and then there’s the part of the job that is the human part which is to interact with the humans who are getting the job done in such a way that it encourages them to do the work and does not take away any of their natural shine or capability”.


Resources & People Mentioned

Maya Angelou

Natisha Lance

Sir Garfield Sobers

Arthur Ashe

Sophie Wade – Empathy Works

Dr Quinetta Roberson


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