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Episode 54. How A Pro Athlete Manages Pressure & Insights Into Elite Performance – Robbie White

Just imagine, you’re called in for a big client presentation at work and you have to win the pitch to save your career. This is a scenario that professional athletes, including our guest Robbie White, face throughout their career. Robbie shared how he has dealt with this and much more on Episode 54 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast. 

In this episode, we will learn about:

How studying psychology has helped his sporting career,

Building resilience by managing and moving on from failure,

Focusing on what you can control when faced with stressful scenarios,

The benefits of visualisation and recalling what helped you succeed if you’re in a difficult situation,

Becoming comfortable with uncertainty by creating a routine,

How good leaders understand each team member’s unique needs and personality and

The leadership insights that he has picked up by captaining the Middlesex second team.

Robbie is a professional cricketer with one of England’s top cricket clubs, Middlesex CCC. Prior to becoming a full time professional cricketer with Middlesex, Robbie attended Loughborough University, where he graduated with a Psychology degree as he has always been interested in the mental side of sport. Robbie is a batsman and wicket keeper and he scored his first hundred for Middlesex in 2021, which was soon followed by a second.

During the winters Robbie has used his time off to start working for David James Wealth as a Client Relationship Manager to gain experience in the business world to help him navigate his life after cricket.

Robbie is a good friend of the show and previously appeared on Episode 8. I was keen to get him back to do a deep dive into the mental side of sport, how athletes manage extreme pressure and how it can be applied to our working life.

Robbie and I talked about how he manages pressure and he told me “Focusing on the present, the more you get away from thinking about the bigger picture and the white noise which is a distraction … because worrying about the bigger picture doesn’t help you deal with what’s in front of you.”


People & Resources Mentioned

Mindset – Carol Dweck

The Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters

Steven Sylvester


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