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Episode 55. Insights To Boost Your Career From A Tech Executive Turned Award Winning Coach – Tutti Taygerly

Looking for insights to help your career development and job search from a coach who built a successful tech career culminating in being a manager launching global products for Facebook? Tutti Taygerly and I talked about this, moving her career in a different direction, despite all her success, and much more on Episode 55 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

The skills and attributes which helped her succeed in the tech world,

Why being able to shift mindset is so vital for success in your career and life,

The insights she gained from managing teams and developing her own style,

Embracing and leaning into the things that make her different,

How to develop a creative process,

Strategies for managing being laid off and and looking for a new job,

Not linking your identity and self worth with your job, and

The importance of taking action on a consistent basis.

Tutti coaches cofounders and tech leaders to embrace their unique leadership style to achieve professional impact and a sustainable company culture. She focuses on working with women, people of color, and immigrants. Previously she was a design leader at design firms, startups, and large companies including Disney and Facebook. Tutti writes for Harvard Business Review, Business Insider,  and Fast Company and her book Make Space to Lead shows high achievers how to reframe our relationship to work. 

Tutti grew up in seven countries on three continents and is settled in San Francisco as her home base. She spends her time parenting two spirited girls, obsessively reading, and paddling out for the next wave. 

Tutti and I talked about identity and that your job does not define, she said: “If you’re currently working ask yourself how much of my identity is wrapped up with succeeding and being really good at this job how much of my identity can be shifted away from what externally people give you, perhaps my identity is less about did I receive that promotion did I receive that rating perhaps it’s more about what skills am I learning and building at this job because those skills they’re going to be with you forever, those are core identity. Your job is not your family, they don’t owe you anything it’s an economic arrangement where you get great skills, they get great work”.


People & Resources Mentioned

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

Maya Angelou


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