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Episode 56. How Marketing & Personal Branding Can Help Your Job Search & Build Your Career – Janice Mandel

Why is it that some of your peers seem to land those amazing opportunities and have higher visibility even though their skills and experience are similar to yours? One answer might be their personal branding and how they market themselves. Janice Mandel, a PR & Communications specialist, shared her insights about this and how you can develop your personal brand on Episode 56 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast.

In this episode, we will learn about:

The skills that helped Janice become a good PR & communications professional,

The benefits of being intentional in finding and connecting with mentors,

Setting clear medium/ long term goals, being focused and not being distracted,

How thinking strategically helped her move to her dream job despite the short term loss of a bonus and her VP title,

How proactively reaching out and solving real issues, created value and raised her profile within a global corporation,

How a better understanding of her own and each team member’s personality type improved her leadership skills,

What is personal branding?

How personal branding can help your job search and career development, and

How building your brand can raise your profile and also benefit your current company.

Janice helps business professionals build a strong personal brand by showing them simple and effective ways to build their visibility and get their message out so they can generate excitement and demand for what they do. Her background includes 25+ years building brands for companies like Microsoft, American Express and Procter & Gamble where she was head of public relations for Canada. She also ran a PR consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses in industries ranging from financial services and real estate to cannabis and mining.

Janice understands that small business owners and professionals can benefit from the many of the same kind of strategies that big companies use to attract attention. She recently launched a podcast called Path to Visibility to teach just that. It covers topics like how to find your audience, clarify your message and build a profile that will get you noticed in a way that’s authentic to you—even if you’re shy and don’t like talking about yourself.

Janice and I discussed personal branding and its benefits and she told me “Personal branding is a way for people outside your immediate network to get to know you and learn about your expertise and the passion you have for what you do … it offers a lot of benefits like it’s a way to communicate your expertise, it’s a way to differentiate yourself from the competition, it’s a way to establish trust and credibility with your audience create new opportunities like a promotion a new job or it could expand your existing job because after you become known and sought after you might attract new customers … but the beauty of personal branding really is that it attracts opportunities and then you can decide which ones you want to pursue, it’s like a magnet.”


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Tom Peters – The Brand Called You

Steve Ladurantaye

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