By Harsha Boralessa

Find Your Dream Job Podcast: How To Manage Failure in Your Job Search

Has rejection become a familiar companion, or have you found it challenging to secure interviews despite your qualifications? I had the pleasure of appearing on the Find Your Dream Job podcast with Mac Prichard and we discussed the following:

🔷 The importance of mindset when dealing with failure in a job search,

🔷 Cultivating the ability to bounce back from setbacks,

🔷 Being persistent and having a well-thought-out job search strategy,

🔷 Why it’s important to take regular action even if it’s just one thing to further your career goals and keep moving forward.

The Find Your Dream Job podcast is an established and well respected careers podcast and I was honoured to be invited by Mac to appear on the show. Thank you Mac for your support of me, Reframe & Reset Your Career and other independent podcasts!

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