By Harsha Boralessa

Let’s Talk About Change Management Podcast – Resilience, Co-creation and Soft Skills in change


I had the pleasure of speaking with Isabella Brusati on Season 1 Episode 7 of her wonderful podcast πŸŽ™ Let’s Talk About Change Management.

We had a great conversation and talked about the following:

πŸ”· The importance of resilience and managing setbacks/ failure during the change process,

πŸ”· How to manage objections and challenges which are raised and not taking them personally,

πŸ”· Working collaboratively with people to co-design/ co-create solutions,

πŸ”· How soft skills such as emotional intelligence and listening can help and

πŸ”· Being open minded, flexible and emphasising the overall objective of the project such as helping the company grow, improve profitability, efficiency etc

Hope you enjoy the full interview, which is also available on Apple podcasts and other major platforms. Thanks again for inviting me Isabella and wishing you continued success with your show!

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