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Episode 11. White Belt Mentality: The Art Of Remaining An Eternal Student – Simon Alexander Ong

Why is having a white belt mentality and remaining an eternal student so important to help navigate the increasingly challenging times we’re facing? Simon Alexander Ong, the award winning author of Energize, discussed this, insights to help your career development and much more on Episode 11 of the Reframe & Reset Your Career podcast. 

In this episode, we will learn about:

Ways to develop creativity;

Having a learning mindset and acquiring new skills;

How he found a job in Investment Banking despite struggling at university;

How creating a compelling story about yourself can help build new relationships;

Control what you can control;

How curiosity helps on your career journey;

The benefits of mentors & support;

His book and the importance of energising yourself; and

How adding value today can help your career and life.

Everything that Simon does is built around inspiring people to see their world differently and igniting their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can unleash their deepest potential.

From a young age, Simon has always been curious about learning and exploring the areas of personal fulfilment, human potential and organisational success. This curiosity was accelerated following his departure from the financial industry, in which he began his career in following graduation from the London School of Economics. Studying the mindset and habits of successful leaders and organisations, Simon enjoys distilling his insights into lessons that can be easily understood and codifying the key principles that have had the biggest impact.

He speaks at international events, conferences and corporate events that have included those organised by Google, London School Of Economics, Barclays UK, The Institute Of Directors, Virgin, O2, Salesforce, 10 Downing Street, Natwest, Enterprise Nation and Microsoft.

As a life coach and business strategist, Simon also helps leaders, entrepreneurs, organisations and celebrities to transcend perceived limitations and experience extraordinary transformations through the power of insight, perspective and energy management.

Simon has been featured in a wide range of publications that include the The Financial Times, Women’s Health, HuffPost, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Virgin StartUp and Harvard Business Review. He has also been interviewed on Sky News, BBC Radio London, LBC radio’s Business Hour show and for Barclays UK adverts.

Simon told me: “It’s no longer about just what you know, it’s about how you can keep learning, keep evolving because the world doesn’t stay still, the world keeps changing and it’s our ability to remain an eternal student, adopt that white belt mentality, that will help us navigate these uncertain times”. 


Resources & People Mentioned

Professor Vincent Walsh

Jim Rome

So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport (Just to clarify, Cal Newport does not advocate following your passion)

Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill


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