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Episode 50. How To Find A New Job And Boost Your Career Using Change Mindset – Minola Jac

Struggling with your job search? Looking for insights to find a new job and boost your career by using a change mindset? In this episode I discuss this with Minola Jac, an experienced change manager, who is fascinated by people and passionately curious about what makes them tick. A journalist by trade, and a Change Manager by choice – she stumbled upon Change Management two decades ago, through a series of fortunate circumstances, and has been enjoying every day since!

Minola and I had a great conversation and talked about the following:

Strategies to help your job search,

Ignoring negative self-talk.

Analysis is important but learning to trust your gut instinct,

How her career has been a squiggly line but always focused on people,

How following her interests led to her career in change management,

How small steps can lead to big results in your career over time,

Not being afraid to change the direction of your career, no matter what stage,

Staying mindful and connect the dots, and

The importance of planning but plans can evolve over time.

Minola and I talked about the mindset of looking for a new job and she told me “I would say first and foremost do not self-reject, do not fall in the trap if you don’t pick all the boxes in a job description or in a role description or if you had 10 applications that feel like black holes, speak to yourself as you would support your best friend going through the same situation … Ask for the help that helps you because some people when you share the situation that you’re dealing with, they will automatically jump to solutions and you could say “look … I just need a space to let this frustration out” … sometimes the best help is a safe space to vent and rant and then we can update the CV.”


People & Resources Mentioned

Angela Champ – The Squiggly Line career


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